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If we’re only ever looking back,
We will drive ourselves insane;
As the friendship goes resentment grows,
We will walk our different ways.

Bad Blood, Bastille

When I see you again, and I’m greeted as a friend, it is understood that we did all we could.

oh also on my way home i went op shopping and got four things for $18. op shopping is my favourite thing. 

took a barista shift at the last minute today after what felt like a big break from coffee making. it was actually really nice to be back behind the machine and feel the muscle memory kick in :)

Thinking about doing a Masters in Community Development. It feels like a positive kind of direction to take.

really hoping i don’t get any more job rejections today. it’s so depressing when they all come at once.

weak wrist and knee + carrying a heavy drink tray up and down stairs all day = pain.

(but it was cool to work at the races for the first time.) 

"Now there’s a ghost of you in everything I do // I play that song and I can hear you sing along // And even though I know that it’s over // Even though I know that it’s done."